The Bristol Yoga Mission:

It is our mission to spread our love of YOGA!  We seek to provide a safe and supportive space for every student practicing with us. We want to show you how you can get the most out of your Yoga practice. Our goal is to make yoga accessible for every BODY...any size, any shape, any age. Yoga is for YOU!

The Bristol Yoga Studio: 

We have two studio rooms under one roof! For your convenience our facility has two restrooms, designated men's and women's shower and changing rooms, towel rentals and bottled water for sale. 


Shelly Bullock, BSN, RYT:

Shelly has been practicing yoga since 2002. She started taking Yoga at the YMCA and since has practiced Vinyasa, Bikram and Yin. She obtained her Yoga certification at Asheville Yoga Center in 2013. Her studies have opened her eyes to the variety of Yoga and mindfulness practices she has yet to learn. With her medical background as a registered nurse and her continued training in the science of yoga, she understands the balance that exists between eastern and western medicine. It is with a holistic view of the physical and emotional body, that she encourages all her students to approach their yoga practice. Shelly founded Bristol Yoga with the mission that Yoga is for Every Body and she believes with this ancient tool in a modern world we have the power to heal ourselves. Taking care of our mind and body is the single most important thing we can do. It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  -George Eliot- Live.Love.Yoga

Victoria Hanson, RYT:  

Victoria is a native of Southwest Virginia. She began practicing Yoga in 2002 after wandering into her first class at a local fitness center. Afterwards she began a lifelong journey into Yoga. She completed her 200hr Teacher Training at InnerSea Yoga in 2014 and since then has enjoyed sharing Yoga with her community. She has a fun loving and warm style of teaching. She intends to honor the practice of Yoga while challenging her students to grow in their personal practice. She maintains a relaxed and supportive class that balances sincerity and good humored acceptance. She has a background in early childhood development and is delighted to teach both children and adults.


Adriel Slaughter: 

I’ve been interested in yoga since college and practiced alone off and on for several years. I have always loved teaching and in 2011, I began teaching group fitness classes. I began teaching yoga in 2014 and love sharing the practice with others more than I even imagined. My background is in philosophy, one of my favorite ideas attributed to Socrates is that the unexamined life is not worth living. In yoga practice, we are given the moments within which to examine our lives. 


Vicky Foster:

I have been practicing yoga since 2009 and teaching since 2011.  I teach a fun, flowing and energetic style of yoga in beginner, intermediate and power format. I grew up playing a wide variety of sports. As an adult that carried over into a love of exercise and a need to stay active. I have a background in personal fitness training and in classroom style safety training. I am drawn to teaching. I am loving the ever-evolving journey that yoga is taking me through in my life and look forward to sharing this with my students.


Heather Dotterweich RYT:

I LOVE YOGA, I LOVE TEACHING YOGA.  I've practiced yoga for 10 years, having completed my RYT 200hr training at InnerSea Yoga, Johnson City Tn in April 2013. I've received training in teaching yoga to children at the Asheville Yoga Center in July 2012 as well as teaching yoga and mindfulness to special needs children in Roanoke in May 2014.  This is a lifelong learning experience!  It's very thrilling to witness this ancient bag of tools slowly transform a person's way of moving, breathing, focusing, feeling at ease in their own body, mind and spirit. When someone tells me they're too inflexible for yoga, I reply that the only requirement is the ability to move breath in and out of your body, and the rest will follow!


AMy Davis RYT:

Amy began her journey with yoga almost fifteen years ago when she began taking "Endurance" Yoga classes at her local fitness club in Knoxville, Tennessee. She got super lucky in the class she picked and ended up with an extremely knowledgeable and open teacher who embraced Amy's teenage enthusiasm.  He led her to his own teacher, Phillip Clift, and to the study of Ashtanga Yoga. Throughout college, Amy practiced on her own and led classmates in Vinyasa practices heavily influenced by the Ashtanga Primary and Secondary Series. After college, she studied further with Mr. Clift and decided to take part in the RYT 200 certification program at Asheville Yoga Center, during which time she grew into a real person. Having always had a very athletic practice, Amy fell in love with Yin Yoga and just laying on the floor. After graduating from yoga school in 2009, Amy delved deep into a daily Ashtanga practice. She later learned she prefers the freedom to improvise & do her own thing. Her practice is still very physical, but she has learned to modify both the practice and the poses to suit the immediate and ever-changing needs of both herself and her students. Amy really likes laying on the floor and firmly believes that sometimes that's everything you need.

Marcy Hullander, RYT:

Marcy is a Bristol native who, after completing her thirteenth consecutive year of competitive swimming, began following her yogic path. In 2011 out of interest in the physical practice, or asana,  she used yoga as a means of physical therapy for injuries incurred from her swimming career. It was during her teacher training at the Asheville Yoga Center that Marcy was introduced to the philosophy of Yoga and was then inspired to live her Yoga by practicing mindfulness and cultivating a lifestyle of love and compassion. Today, Marcy hopes to inspire others to discover the healing opportunities that can be found when mind and body are united in the present moment and Yoga is practiced with a heart full of love and compassion on and off of the mat.



Lydie Ometto E-RYT

An experienced yoga teacher who sees Yoga as her walk of life & her passion. She has studied with many of the leading voices of yoga worldwide, Yogi Hari, Kali Ray, Joseph La Page, Todd Norian, Gopala, Lillian La Page, Aadil Palkhivala, Paul Grilley, Dr. Jose Rugue, Dharma Mittra, Mukesh Desai, Apo–Tibetan Lama, Judith Lasater, Martin & Jordan Kirk, Stephanie Keach, Rodney Yee, Ireni Schiavinato, Anderson Allegro, Doug Keller, Joyce Anue, Rev Dr. Louise-Dianne, Desiree Rumbaugh. Lydie is currently deepening her studies under the guidance of Rod Stryker and ParaYoga Curriculum. Lydie is an Integrative Yoga Therapist and a voice with International Association of Yoga Therapy. Her background as a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist (BR) and Energy Work define her awareness and knowledge expressed during her classes where she also combines her love for nature and the overall Divine creation. Within her teaching an eclectic array of styles are blended in gentle, focused, balanced, harmonious, powerful and flowing movements of all bodies and in particular the ‘subtle aspects of them’.
As a yoga studio owner for 14 years, she well understands the beauty and the urgency of understanding and embracing yoga in every aspect of our life towards enhancing overall health and well-being. Lydie has been leading Yoga Teacher Trainings in the Tri-Cities area for the past 5 years and is happy to see that the ‘growth of yoga is ON’.
She is also the author of “The Top 10 Yoga Mudras & Siddhartha” and she has produced a beginners and an intermediate yoga DVD.
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Dolores began studying yoga in 1987 and has been teaching since 1995. Her background has been primarily in the Iyengar style of yoga, but she has been influenced by other teachers as well as chi kung (Chinese yoga) and Tai Ji (Tai Chi). She has her teaching certification from Lighten Up Yoga Center in Asheville, NC, and is a Certified Healing Tao Full Instructor of Qigong (Chi Kung) which has been studying since 1998 primarily with Michael Winn at Healing Tao University based in Asheville, NC.  Dolores offers her own uniquely blended of approach to physical/spiritual health, including many of the traditional styles associated with Qigong, Tai Ji, Yoga and traditional western massage.


On a journey into healing more than 10yrs ago, Ms. Kat was studying to become a primordial sound meditation teacher at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA. During her training she fell in love with the idea of teaching yoga and introducing it to those that need it most. With a lifelong background in personal training and nutritional counseling her passion is to help others along the path of total wellness. As the self-imposed "senior" teacher she reminds us- It is never too late to begin to take care of YOU! Kathy's Life Motto: Everybody can do SOMETHING!!!




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