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Ayurveda & Yoga w/ Katie

Come build your radiance and vitality through Ayurvedic alchemy. In this 3 day workshop, senior ParaYoga teacher, Katie Silcox will guide us through the principles and practices on Ayurveda and yoga. You will learn the tools and techniques for vitality and youth as well as how to access and balance the subtle forces of your body and mind. She will shed light on how different approaches to our yoga practice influence these subtle forces and how we use this knowledge to address our individual needs, unfold our higher potentials and fulfill the desires of our heart. In each session, Katie will guide us into a deepening practice, sharing the wisdom of these ancient teachings and their powerful influence on the quality of our life.You will leave with a deeper understanding of the “sister science” to yoga - Ayurveda.

Friday Session  |  Freedom & Illumination  |  6-8pm

Come to this class if you want more balance clear direction in your life.
The class will include a basic overview of Ayurveda and Tantra. We will do a practice for building sattva - the balance that leads to clarity, calm, and the recognition of spirit’s effulgent light. Our focus is on the practices that unlock awareness and the power of soul, that allow us to connect to the Sacred and to fully shine internally and externally. All levels. Will include lecture and Asana.

Saturday AM Session  |  Ayurveda, yoga and Igniting the Passion of the soul | Saturday 9:30 – 11:30am

Come to this class if you want more passion, enthusiasm and real change in your life. We will do a practice for building rajas - our capacity that fuels true transformation. Through practice we activate the qualities that help us overcome inner and outer limitations. Specific postures, sequencing, breath for awaken the force that fuels growth and transformation. We’ll also discuss the role of rajas and its relationship to evolution and expansion. Will include lecture and invigorating asana.

Saturday PM  |  Ayurveda's Healing Essences – Transmuting Core Emotions  |  Saturday 1:00 – 5pm

Have you ever felt like an emotional whirlwind? It may cause you to breathe a deep sigh of relief to hear that, according to Tantra, your emotions can be powerful gateways into grace and revelation. When the emotions are repressed or misused, they lead to more pain and suffering. When systematically channeled, they are portals into the Divine. By opening to our vulnerability in a safe and conscious environment we can begin to unravel the blocks to our Soul’s highest calling. This workshop will include lecture, interactive breath and energy work as well as partner work. All levels welcome to attend.

Sunday PM  |  Ayurveda, Hormones and Getting Your Sexy Back  |  Sunday 10-2pm

Okay, this will be fun! We will focus on what ancient Ayurveda has to say about our hormones and our sexual health. Will include a super-fun interactive, hand-on aphrodesiac medicine-making session with Katie Silcox. We will learn techniques, tools and ancient-recipes for igniting sexual vitality, as well as re-setting our fight-or-flight nervous systems. This class will be dedicated understanding the yin and yang aspects of who we are. Come prepared to learn, laugh and deeply relax.

Total Weekend  |  Early Bird $225 by March 31st

Late Bird: $255

We recommend to get the full experience you plan to attend the entire session, however we do have limited availability for a single session. You may register for separate sessions, booked through the studio, email if you are interested in coming to one session or just one class.

Earlier Event: February 20
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