How do you find a yoga practice that is right for you?

At Bristol Yoga we are passionate about our Yoga! We also understand that the practice has so much to choose from it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin. One of our students turned teachers, Cindy Gardner - RYT was already a practicing yogini at home when she found Bristol Yoga. She  integrated her already established practice and became a part of our yoga community. She then decided she wanted to share her passion for yoga and begin teaching. Cindy enrolled in the Bristol Yoga & Inner Sea Yoga Teacher Training program in 2015 and now has two regular weekly classes as well as hosts community classes that benefit area non-profits. Cindy recently asked if she could share her thoughts on what Bristol Yoga has brought to her life. See what she has to say below: 

Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yinyasa, Bikram, Kundalini, and on and on and on! We could read for 5 minutes on the “different types” of yoga being taught! But who wants to decipher it all when youare  new to the yoga scene? When it all is said and done, each of us are looking for a class that suits our body type and temperament. To find a style with a teacher that suits you is an added
bonus! To find a studio where you wish to remain in practice, day after day, and week after week can be more challenging than finding the perfect type.
It can be frightening walking into a yoga studio to begin a practice, and even more frightening once you float into a classroom full of individuals at different levels of flexibility. Let's face it those butterflies that you felt on your first day of the school year as a kid­ return. So how do you know that you are in the right studio, and class? For me, it feels like home.

When walking in, I am greeted with warm smiles. During practice, I can hear my breath mix into the flow of everyone else's in the room. I can push myself to achieve my best pose of the day, or I can find myself honoring my body in a resting pose, and no one pushes me to come out of it. I can feel the engagement of the instructor through hands on adjustments, and when I am in my final pose, savasana, I am completely relaxed. My mind, my body and my breathe are at ease. My soul is at ease. I am home!

As I exit, I find myself  reverting to the connections I found in myself, and others, and want to return. This feeling of being home has been with me since the first day I walked through the do or and stepped on my mat at Bristol Yoga. This feeling remains, erasing the blurred lines of which TYPE of yoga I should practice, allowing me to simply practice. I invite you to bring your practice to Bristol Yoga, after all, “there’s no place like home!"

With over 30 classes a week, we have a variety of yoga at Bristol Yoga. We bring a diverse buffet to your yoga practice. Whether you are beginning or already have an established practice, we believe we have something for you.

All of our teachers have attended a 200hr Teacher Training program and are passionate about continuing to evolve and grow. Our next Teacher Training program begins January 2017, still spaces available. 

Come share in the yoga love, we have a 30 days for $30 Introductory deal that can get you started trying out the smorgasbord we have to offer. Want to start at the very beginning with other beginners? Our Back to Basics workshop with Victoria begins Sept. 26th, you can learn all the fundamentals to begin your practice. 

We hope to meet you on the mat!