Feature Teacher: Maggie Fuller

One of the pleasures of being a part of the Bristol Yoga Community is watching individuals within the community grow and evolve. Each member of our sangha, our community, both students and teachers, color our Bristol Yoga Community with their personalities.

One individual that it has been a pleasure to watch grow and develop into the radiant individual she is now has been one of our newest teachers to join. This individual first came to our studio as a student. Over time, as her practice developed on the mat, so did a desire to take her practice off of the mat. Trusting her instincts and fueled by her testimony to the transformative benefits of the practice, this individual chose to participate in the first Yoga Teacher Training program offered by the Bristol Yoga Center. Upon completion, she was eager to serve the members of the Bristol Yoga sangha, and we were more than happy to welcome her.

This is individual is… Maggie Fuller!

Here are a few questions we asked Maggie to help you get to know her better:

 - What brought you to Yoga?

I could answer this question in too many ways to count, but I think what ultimately brought me to the practice was my need for something, anything really, to help me help myself. I was previously diagnosed with ADHD, social anxiety, bipolar disorder, and I have struggled with depression since I was an adolescent. I eventually got tired of always trying new medications, and just being on so many different meds. I felt as if I was losing myself even more to the drugs. But, that's when my mom found Bristol Yoga, and asked me if I would go with her. I had practiced on my own before, reading all kinds of yoga books, blogs, and watching videos on YouTube, but actually coming into the studio for practice was a whole new world. Because of yoga, I successfully came off of all my medications, signed myself up for teacher training, and changed my life for the better. I've found myself again, and life's never been so good!

 - If you could define your style, what would it be?

I was trained in Hatha style yoga, but I would say my personal style ranges. Besides traditional Hatha, I enjoy Yin, restorative, and flowing practices the most. In my classes, I love balanced connected, choreographed flows with mindful stillness.

 - In general, what are 3 likes and 3 dislikes you have?

I couldn't live without Asian cuisine, the many works of JRR Tolkien, and my family (my soul family as well as my blood). I can't stand centipedes, narcissism, and the zombie people who can't put their phones down. 

 - What are you doing when you are not teaching?

When I'm not teaching, I'm working at a Highlands thrift shop in Abingdon. Come visit me! And besides that, you can find me hiking around Cherokee Forest or just watching Netflix at home, procrastinating on all my unfinished art projects. 

 - What is the biggest lesson your yoga has taught you so far?

Yoga helped me find my innermost truth, my true self. I've come to realize that there's nothing wrong with me. I am not a diagnosis, I am not a size, and I most certainly am not normal. I am ME and I am beautiful. More than anything, I strive for my students to know that they too are absolutely nothing but beautiful. 

It has been such a pleasure to see this beautiful butterfly unfold herself from her cocoon and emerge into the ethereal teacher she is today. Her presence is one that will leave you floating on your commute home. You can find Maggie in the classroom Mondays at 4:30 PM and Wednesdays at 6:15 PM leading Yoga for Everybody. Come be inspired with beauty.

Bristol Yoga Teacher Feature brought to you by Marcy Hullander

Feature Teacher: Victoria Hanson

“So many yoga classes, so many teachers, so little time!” If you are new to a yoga studio, this may be one of the thoughts that pass through your mind when looking over the class schedule. That is one of the main reasons we at Bristol Yoga Center offer introductory deals to new students like our “30 for 30”, just thirty bucks for thirty days of all you can yoga to give you the opportunity to try out as many classes and instructors as possible to find the style of class and instructor you “jive” with. “But I can’t meet all of the instructors, my schedule is crazy! What if I am missing the one instructor I truly resonate with?” Don’t worry, we have a solution for that, too.

At Bristol Yoga Center, one of our greatest values is our “sangha”, or community. We want each and every individual that walks through our doors to feel like family, like they belong. Because of the value we place on creating this sense of community, we have decided to feature one of our teachers each week in a “get to know you” style setting, so not only can you discover teachers that you may not have had an opportunity to practice with, but you can now get to know fellow members of the community!

This week, our Feature Teacher is someone easily described as the sunshine to our solar system, the espresso shot you need to get your day started, love personified… and that woman is Victoria Hanson!

The following are a few questions Victoria took the time to answer to either help you better get to know the radiant woman you are already practicing with, or to let you know the abundance of love you’ve been missing and need in your life!

  • What brought you to yoga?
    • “A woman we called "Ms. Tilly" brought me to yoga. I was heading out the door of the wellness center on Euclid after a run on the treadmill weeks after Sidney was born in 2002. Sidney was in the carrier.  Ms. Tilly stopped me and chatted, Sidney was sleeping, and she talked me into putting her back in the nursery and joining her for yoga class. She introduced me to everyone in the room, and the instructor, Dolores Champagne, was so amazing I came back every week I could after that first class.
  • If you could describe your style of practice, what would it be?
    • “My style of practice is Hatha yoga. I utilize Iyengar style alignment with props and expand with Ashtanga style flowing movements like the sun and moon salutes. I really desire for my students to experience the flowing connection that is always there for them if they choose to seek it. ‘You are loved, you are supported and you are free!’ I say in just about every class.
  • Generally speaking, what are three likes and three dislikes that you have?

    • “I like freedom to play, beautiful laughter and pure truth. I dislike entrapment, ignorant selfish Ego and deliberate, mean spirited, dishonesty.”

  • What are you doing when you are not teaching yoga?
    • “I am spending time with those I adore! My three dogs, my birth family, my church family and my friends. Sometimes I clean, but mostly I spend my time creating moments of Lovely Play.”

  • What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your yoga so far?
    • "’Be in the Flow, is the number one rule in Yoga’ I learned from my teacher Lydie Ometto. ‘We are chasing, the chasing’ Dolores Champange said about teaching. Bring what serves right Now, to those who show up; that is the beautiful work of Yoga.” 

  • And finally, favorite quote?
    • “God is Love. 1 John 3:8”

If you find yourself missing the sunshine of sunny weather days, come bask in Victoria’s warm, radiant presence Monday through Friday from 6:00-7:00 AM for Sunrise Yoga. In this class, Victoria teaches traditional sun salutations and features a focus pose for the entire week. No wonder this woman embodies sunshine!   


Feature Teacher presented by Marcy Hullander