A Student's perspective: "What Yoga has done for me..."

Hi, my name is Christina Gomez and I started practicing yoga two years ago. The first time I attended a class at Bristol Yoga I felt so welcome. I loved the idea of yoga practice not yoga perfect. 

I have always struggled with flexibility and I was intimidated by yoga at first but the instructors were awesome and always encouraged me to honor my body by modifying and never going into anything uncomfortable.

I originally started yoga to improve my flexibility. I am a runner and since I've been doing yoga consistently for over a year my body is more flexible. Also, my running stamina and minute per mile time have improved greatly. 

As time has gone on, yoga has become so much more to me than just flexibility or a good workout. I am a perfectionist and I have struggled with anxiety in the past, especially when I was in graduate school and when I left my hometown to move to Bristol two years ago. 

Yoga has taught me to live in the moment, not worry about the past or future and to leave behind things that no longer serve me. I am my own worst critic. Yoga has taught me to be kind to myself and love myself despite my imperfections. 

Yoga has also strengthened my faith. There are so many principles we discuss in yoga that correspond to my personal faith. My whole life I was told to not be anxious and not worry but yoga taught me how to put those actions into practice. 

I am grateful to Bristol Yoga for introducing me to yoga. Practicing yoga has been one of the best decisions I have made. The instructors have guided me and helped me along the way. Furthermore, I have a community of friends at Bristol Yoga. 

I feel so warm and loved at the studio. I am grateful to Shelly and her team for investing in me and helping me grow both in my yoga practice and in my life. 

If you are hesitant to try yoga or haven't gone to yoga consistently. I encourage you to try it! It will change your life, teach you about yourself, and grow you in more areas than you can imagine! 

When Christina is not training, working or doing yoga, you can find her spending time with her insanely cute pup Rio! Check them out on Instagram @riotheaustralianshepherd