2018 Teacher Training

We are so excited to announce our YTT for Spring 2018! 


Lydie Ometto E-RYT 500 and a great team of Yoga Teachers are teaming up to provide you with a comprehensive look into the Art & Science of Yoga. Do not miss this opportunity to dive deeper into your practice.  This Immersion is for anyone who is ready to take their practice to the next level. The Immersion/Teacher Training will take you through the deeper dimensions of yoga giving you the opportunity to teach others along your journey.  

 No formal experience is required to enroll in the program. We do recommend that you have at least 6 months of yoga practice prior to the start of the program. Any questions or concerns regarding the program can be directed to bristolyogacenter@gmail.com



NEW YEAR for a NEW YOU! This is the perfect opportunity to try Yoga, we're offering our full schedule on New Years Day for only $5 per class. There’s no better time to visit our studio, we offer a full range of classes and we are the ONLY Warm/HOT Yoga studio in Bristol! Join us for a class during this ONCE A YEAR EVENT! ~ sign up on our website, www.bristolyogacenter.com or through the MINDBODY app ~

Workshop Opportunity: YOGA 101 w/ Vicky Foster


Join us for Yoga 101! This one day intensive class will get you started on your way to feeling comfortable on a yoga mat. We will cover the basics of props and yoga etiquette. This class will take you through the basics of yoga postures, alignment, common sequences and will be part asana practice and part question & answer. After you have completed this class you will feel more confident on your mat.

Join Vicky Foster - RYT for this in depth look into how to get started with a yoga practice. The time to start is now..it is never too late to begin again!

Participants that enroll in this course will receive 10% off a class package or membership after completion, so you can begin to use your new found knowledge in any of our classes. This class will be held on December 2nd from 1- 3pm. 

Must pre-register to attend by Wednesday, November 29th! Sign up by Monday, November 27th and receive a 10% discount!

Cost of the class is $22.00


Pints&Poses: BristolYOGA @ Studio Brew


BristolYOGA and Studio Brew are teaming up to bring you a unique Yoga Experience. An all levels Yoga Session with a sudsy reward at the end! $15 includes your Yoga session and your choice of Studio Brew 6 oz beer and Studio appetizer. Only 25 tickets available and pre-registration is required! Sign up early! Ticket required to take class only, invite your friends and family to come and enjoy the brewery, beer and food. Doors open at Noon, come early and stay the afternoon!

$15, BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat) event

NEW CLASS SERIES: Day to Night: A Salutations Series

Led by our own Victoria Hanson RYT-500, who trained in Sampoorna Yoga Center in Goa, India in 2016. This class series will focus on building muscle memory of these classic Hatha yoga sequences to utilize in your personal practice. Sun Salutations are a sequence of 12 powerful yoga poses with profound benefits that have been written about for thousands of years. This series builds strength and refines the muscle tissues by building heat in the body. Moon salutations are a modern sequence of restoring poses that are designed to cool the body and aid in quieting the mind and increases the body’s ability to heal and rest. These sequences together are powerful allies to develop in your home practice for life long fitness and well being.

Thursdays @ 4:30pm, OCT 5th - NOV 9th


Source: http://www.bristolyogacenter.com/workshops...

Why I Teach KIDS YOGA, by Heather Dotterweich RYT

Five years ago (a year before I started formal yoga teacher training) I went to a 4 day course on teaching yoga to children, at the Asheville Yoga Center. It was fascinating, exhilarating and exhausting. Having been introduced to the practice as an adult, I wanted to find out how yoga and children intersect. The answer was very naturally! Gandhi is purported to have said that if you want peace in the world you need to begin with children. Yoga was making such a difference in my life, I needed to know how to translate it for our younger generation.

Years before I had taught little kids in Sunday School, which on reflection had some similarities to a kids' yoga class: action story telling and quiet times etc. I also taught World Religion in the public school system in Scotland at a middle and high school level. I believe that the desire to share yoga with kids comes from my predisposition for working with young people! However, moving from a formal classroom teaching style, and into a more organic and holistic approach of communicating with children has been a delight. This is the premise of Yoga: integration and unity of the body, mind and spirit, and these lessons of yoga are surely life enhancing no matter your age, ability or background. 

Mindfulness and meditation started to become an integral part of my practice during and after my yoga teacher training. I have found that children enjoy and are naturally attuned to 'being in the moment' whether it's in the middle of an asana sequence, or singing a song, or listening to the singing bowl chime, they tend to have less preoccupations than their elders. Paying attention to the breath is also a great tool to acquire at an early age, and adds much to our yoga practice and everyday coping skills.

I followed up my 230hr yoga teacher training, with a course specifically designed for teaching yoga and mindfulness to children with sensory processing challenges, attention deficit disorders and autism spectrum disorder. Yoga has been shown to benefit this population enormously. With a regular practice in a class and at home, children of all abilities can begin to have a sense of feeling grounded, more focused attention, better body awareness, improved emotional intelligence, more self-confidence, increased self-control and improved communication skills. They also become excellent yoga teachers; instructing family members at home!

I'm looking forward to sharing and investigating lots of yoga poses and movements in many variations that have “real life” application: there's animal yoga, nature yoga, transport yoga, city yoga, beach yoga, insect yoga, cowboy yoga, farmer yoga and so on! Then there's the singing and chanting, we'll sing the Namaste Song. There are percussion instruments to be played, lots of dancing and the creating of new poses. The students will teach and share with each other. There will be some Sanskrit words to learn, and calm and peace to be enjoyed.

We become anything and everything, while actually just being and appreciating ourselves and others. WELCOME TO KIDS YOGA!


P.S. I also teach Senior Yoga, but that's a whole other story!


Yoga for every BODY with Emily Adams RYT

Have you always wanted to try yoga but are too nervous to take that first step? Or have you tried a class but felt like you needed a little more help to figure out what works for your body? Then Curvy Yoga might just be for you!

A friend asked me to attend yoga class with her for a year but I wouldn't go with her. She was athletic and skinny and I was... well, not athletic and skinny. I was certain that I would be the biggest person in the class and I wasn't sure I would be able to do what was asked. A year later I was still thinking about yoga and finally went to my first class (without that friend!). Attending weekly classes helped me de-stress, increased my mobility, and decreased my shoulder and hip pain. I began to notice and to listen to how my body felt in different poses and throughout my day. I began to take my yoga off the mat and bring more calm to my life. I began to learn to show kindness to myself.

Curvy Yoga is a safe place for you to practice yoga and explore slight differences in poses to find what works for your body. Making slight modifications can sometimes be necessary for proper alignment and safety in a bigger body. It's a place to learn how to use all those props in the studio. It's a place to figure out what to do when your left elbow doesn't reach the outside of your right knee in a twist. Yoga helps you to learn body awareness and you might just begin to understand what that yoga teacher means when she says "what is your pinky toe doing right now?" 

Isn't Curvy yoga just like regular yoga? Why do we need it? Because there are people like me who were afraid to go to a class. Because you want to feel safe. Because you don't know that a regular yoga class is going to be just fine. Because you don't know how to do the poses and might get embarrassed. Because you've tried a pose and couldn't do it. Because you don't know how to make the poses work for you.

Join me at my workshop on January 28. We will explore how to love the body you’re in today, learn “how to” modifications to make yoga poses more accessible in any class, practice the options, and then get a chance to try out those new moves in a 45 minute yoga practice. "You can do this!"

Emily Adams, RYT-200 and Curvy Yoga certified teacher, will be leading this fun, instructional and inspirational workshop. We will explore how to love the body you’re in today, learn “how to” modifications to make yoga poses more accessible in any class, and then get a chance to try out those new moves in a 45 minute yoga practice. Lots of options are offered during the workshop so you can figure out what best works for your body.

Beginners are very welcome; no yoga experience or flexibility required.

January 28th 11:30am-1:30p

Cost $25

The Anatomy Of a Wind Chime

Karen McDonald, Yoga practitioner and Spiritual Director shares her thoughts on things that blow in the wind: 

I rescued a wind chime last week. The hushed instrument caught my eye from my rocking chair position on a mountain porch. The “wind-catcher,” the shape hanging at the end of the center string, had become tangled around the top of the chimes so that it was impossible for it to sing and dance in the breeze. Much like a naughty child in a time-out chair, it was in the corner... brooding. As I untangled the wind-catcher, I discovered that someone had replaced what was once a wooden wind-catcher with a cardboard shape. The cardboard did not have enough weight to engage a song, failing to briskly move the clapper (that circular disc that strikes the chimes), causing it to get stuck outside the circle of chimes — emitting only weak, repetitive notes. I had never considered how important it is for the wind-catcher to have a weightiness about it, being substantial enough to pull the clapper in and out, away from the outside edges of the chimes, preventing it from getting stuck in a restrictive pose, never limiting its song. 

This bound wind chime caused me to reflect on my well-worn habit of letting my mind (clapper) muscle overpower my spiritual heart (wind-catcher) muscle. And in those moments of imbalance my song grows faint or boring - hitting only a narrow range of notes. Martin Laird in Into the Silent Land says, “In fact, because our attention is so completely riveted to what’s playing on the big screen of our thinking mind, we can live completely unaware of the deeper ground of the heart that already communes with God.” Being a teacher of the contemplative Christian tradition, I am constantly inviting others to practice the ancient spiritual discipline of contemplative prayer, exploring that deeper ground, the spiritual heart, where gifts and the Giver wait for us.

Do you find yourself too often living from that restrictive placec in the mind where raging thoughts overtake you, trapping you in a small view dominated by feelings and emotions of the moment? If so, I invite you to continue what you may have already begun in your yoga practice; quieting yourself for twenty minutes at a time, using your breath or a holy word or phrase to calm your mind, bringing you home to that space of ease - and oft—forgotten unconditional love. It is from that place that we are taken by surprise; breaking into song and dance as a wilder, truer, Holy wind catches us.

Karen McDonald is a spiritual director, trained in the contemplative Christian tradition by Shalem Institute in Washington, DC. Her practice of yoga constantly enriches her own spiritual journey as a mystical Christian. Her one-on-one ministry of Holy Listening occurs with women of any age who find themselves in an unfamiliar land because of transitions happening in and to them. She has lived in the Bristol area for 34 years. Karen is a regular at Bristol Yoga and delights in her roles as a wife, mother and grandmother. 

Karen McDonald is a spiritual director, trained in the contemplative Christian tradition by Shalem Institute in Washington, DC. Her practice of yoga constantly enriches her own spiritual journey as a mystical Christian. Her one-on-one ministry of Holy Listening occurs with women of any age who find themselves in an unfamiliar land because of transitions happening in and to them. She has lived in the Bristol area for 34 years. Karen is a regular at Bristol Yoga and delights in her roles as a wife, mother and grandmother. 

How do you find a yoga practice that is right for you?

During practice, I can hear my breath mix into the flow of everyone else's in the room. I can push myself to achieve my best pose of the day, or I can find myself honoring my body in a resting pose, and no one pushes me to come out of it. I can feel the engagement of the instructor through hands on adjustments, and when I am in my final pose, savasana, I am completely relaxed. My mind, my body and my breathe are at ease. My soul is at ease. I am home!

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Who is Katie Silcox and WHY do you want to know her?

We are fortunate enough at Bristol Yoga to host teachers from all over the country to teach specialty classes and workshops.

One teacher who will be joining us in the studio this May is a woman named Katie Silcox.

Katie is a tall, blonde woman built like an Amazon Goddess and glows like one too. She is fluent in the Tantra Yoga Tradition as well as the science of Ayurveda and is on a mission to make these ancient practices accessible to the modern man and woman. Her New York Time's Bestseller, Healthy, Happy, Sexy: Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women aims to do just that.

My first exposure to Katie came through her book Healthy, Happy, Sexy. At the time, we were hosting our Yogi Book Club through Bristol Yoga and we had selected her book as the feature for the month knowing she would later be visiting the studio. Initially, I was curious what kind of knowledge would be found in a book titled Healthy, Happy, Sexy, but just a few pages into the book, I remember thinking Katie had chosen the perfect title. Judging the book by it's cover, it was no more intimidating than a Cosmopolitan Magazine advertising "6 Ways to a Healthier YOU" or "10 Tips to Boost Your Bedroom Confidence". These tag lines obviously work for a reason (I mean, who wouldn't mind being healthier, happier, and sexier?) and with a title like this, Katie is appealing to women inside and outside of the yoga community. In the first few pages, with the wisdom of your great, great grandmother and the voice of your closest girlfriend you recognize and trust Katie as she begins to guide you through the necessity of a self-loving, self-care practice in order to find balance in life; something every modern individual needs, man or woman, yogi or non-yogi. Moving deeper into the book you find a wealth of knowledge and information about the complex, ancient self-loving traditions of Tantra and Ayurveda that dig deeper than Cosmopolitan's "Foods to Eat for a Flat Belly" (implying that there is something wrong with the belly you have now) and find instead guidance from Ayurvedic practices for "foods to eat that make your belly happy, and in turn your mind happy, because your belly is amazing and deserves your love just like the rest of you does."

During the time I was reading Healthy, Happy, Sexy I was living a particularly hectic life with a packed schedule that was pulling me in every direction but together. You've probably heard the saying "running around like a chicken with their head cut off." Well, that was me. This was right around the time I had developed a stress fracture in my wrist from overuse. My lack of self-care in my daily routine left me with no energy and a serious sweet craving to make up for the sweetness that was missing from my life. I finished Healthy, Happy, Sexy recognizing areas of my life in which I was self-medicating out of self-loathing and creating imbalance in my life with a new resolve to get grounded in a daily practice of self-loving. 

Katie later came to the studio for a three day weekend sharing more wisdom and knowledge from Tantra and Ayurveda for finding balance, even highlighting some of the notes from Healthy, Happy, Sexy. She is even funnier in person, living true to the humor and wit that shines in her book and her strong self-care practice speaks for itself through her presence. Each day of the weekend, Katie shared a different asana practice for balancing subtle energies of the mind-body and body-mind.

I remember the Friday evening class specifically. It was a class designed for bringing clarity, for cultivating stillness in the mind. The asana practice was all-levels, accessible by every practitioner. The breath work used in the practice was equal-ratio breathing, matching the length of your inhale to the length of your exhale. Closing the practice, the entire room was still. I remember feeling clear and grounded in a way that I had never really before. Leaving the studio, Katie requested that we observe silence to preserve the stillness and peace generated. Walking out to my car, I remember seeing and feeling the brightness of the moon like never before. My senses seemed to be incredibly sensitive, but I think it was more the stillness in my mind, the absence of the running dialogue going on in the background of my life, that was allowing me to indulge more in the natural world around me.

Katie's practices have since inspired in me the value of self-love, self-compassion and living a life in balance. When we take the time to take practice self-care and balance ourselves with the ebbs and flows of life, we are more available to experience the every day magic in our lives.

If you know you could use a little more balance in your life, Katie is going to be with us again the coming weekend May 6th - May 8th sharing more of her magic, wisdom and guidance.


Presented by Marcy Hullander