Bethany Carter Kneff  | RYT 200


Bethany started her own printing company at the age of 24 after graduating with her MA in Printmaking from ETSU in Johnson City, TN. A lifelong artist and entrepreneur she found yoga in January 2017 in an effort to find balance and flexibility, to complement her love of running. What started as a supplement to an already active lifestyle quickly became the focus, and when BristolYOGA was in transition that June she made the decision to move into the role as Studio Owner. Yoga has enhanced her physical and emotional well being and she feels grateful to hold the space for the Bristol community to be able to practice. BristolYOGA has a casual and relaxed atmosphere where all are welcome to practice, no matter your age, size, shape, or level of experience. Bethany believes yoga is to be enjoyed by all, and a studio a place to find friendship and community. Working with the best instructors in the region we have fun, work hard, celebrate each others progress, and support each other's lives. BristolYOGA truly is for EVERY BODY - LIVE.LOVE.YOGA!


Shelly Bullock  |  BSN,E-RYT


As the founder of Bristol Yoga, mother of two lovely boys and a registered nurse, Shelly has sought out balance through yoga and clean living. Shelly has a love of helping others. A natural caregiver, she spent over a decade in healthcare, nursing the sick and wounded. It became evident during her career that the wounds of the general public ran deep.  She felt as a whole we needed to get back to basics: essential movement and clean, sustainable foods.  Shelly's life long journey into exploration of yoga, farming and holistic living has brought so much to her life she is dedicated to sharing with her community. Her studies have opened her eyes to the healing power of Yoga and Meditation, tools she embraced to begin healing herself on and off the mat. With her medical background as a registered nurse and her continued training in the science of yoga, she understands the balance that exists between eastern and western medicine. It is with a holistic view of the physical and emotional body, that she encourages all her students to approach their yoga practice. She founded Bristol Yoga with the vision that Yoga is for Every Body. She firmly believes that with this ancient tool in a modern world we have the power to heal ourselves.
It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  -George Eliot-



Victoria Hanson  |  RYT-500


 I believe that each being on this earth is connected to their Source, connected to one another and here to learn how to best radiate the unifying energy that creates and animates us, which is essentially Love.  My yoga classes are for any human being who is ready to engage actively within their essential relationship.  For me it is all about connection to the One Love.  Like the great Bob Marley sings,”One Love, One Heart..Let’s get together and feel alright.”
 I was a student of Yoga with Dolores Champagne for over a decade. In 2014, at Inner Sea Yoga Center in Johnson City, TN, I did my 200hr training with Lydie Ometto. Then in 2016 I completeda month long immersive 300hr training in Goa, India, at The Sampoorna Yoga Center. I also have studied Biology, Fisheries Management, Early Childhood development, SCUBA diving, Christian Education, birding and belly dancing because life is an adventure and meant to be lived! It is my intention in each class to help create a healthy, balanced, bliss filled world, one moment, one breath, one pose, one person at a time.


Adriel Slaughter | RYT


I’ve been interested in yoga since college and practiced alone off and on for several years. I have always loved teaching and in 2011, I began teaching group fitness classes. I began teaching yoga in 2014 and love sharing the practice with others more than I even imagined. My background is in philosophy, one of my favorite ideas attributed to Socrates is that the unexamined life is not worth living. In yoga practice, we are given the moments within which to examine our lives.


Vicky Foster | RYT


I have been practicing yoga since 2009 and teaching since 2011.  I teach a fun, flowing and energetic style of yoga in beginner, intermediate and power format. I grew up playing a wide variety of sports. As an adult that carried over into a love of exercise and a need to stay active. I have a background in personal fitness training and in classroom style safety training. I am drawn to teaching. I am loving the ever-evolving journey that yoga is taking me through in my life and look forward to sharing this with my students.


Heather Dotterweich  |  RYT


I LOVE YOGA, I LOVE TEACHING YOGA.  I've practiced yoga for 10 years, having completed my RYT 200hr training at InnerSea Yoga, Johnson City Tn in April 2013. I've received training in teaching yoga to children at the Asheville Yoga Center in July 2012 as well as teaching yoga and mindfulness to special needs children in Roanoke in May 2014.  This is a lifelong learning experience!  It's very thrilling to witness this ancient bag of tools slowly transform a person's way of moving, breathing, focusing, feeling at ease in their own body, mind and spirit. When someone tells me they're too inflexible for yoga, I reply that the only requirement is the ability to move breath in and out of your body, and the rest will follow!


Lydie Ometto  |  E-RYT 500


An experienced yoga teacher who sees Yoga as her walk of life & her passion. She has studied with many of the leading voices of yoga worldwide, Yogi Hari, Kali Ray, Joseph La Page, Todd Norian, Gopala, Lillian La Page, Aadil Palkhivala, Paul Grilley, Dr. Jose Rugue, Dharma Mittra, Mukesh Desai, Apo–Tibetan Lama, Judith Lasater, Martin & Jordan Kirk, Stephanie Keach, Rodney Yee, Ireni Schiavinato, Anderson Allegro, Doug Keller, Joyce Anue, Rev Dr. Louise-Dianne, Desiree Rumbaugh. Lydie is currently deepening her studies under the guidance of Rod Stryker and ParaYoga Curriculum. Lydie is an Integrative Yoga Therapist and a voice with International Association of Yoga Therapy. Her background as a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist (BR) and Energy Work define her awareness and knowledge expressed during her classes where she also combines her love for nature and the overall Divine creation. Within her teaching an eclectic array of styles are blended in gentle, focused, balanced, harmonious, powerful and flowing movements of all bodies and in particular the ‘subtle aspects of them’.
As a yoga studio owner for 14 years, she well understands the beauty and the urgency of understanding and embracing yoga in every aspect of our life towards enhancing overall health and well-being. Lydie has been leading Yoga Teacher Trainings in the Tri-Cities area for the past 5 years and is happy to see that the ‘growth of yoga is ON’.
She is also the author of “The Top 10 Yoga Mudras & Siddhartha” and she has produced a beginners and an intermediate yoga DVD.
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Maggie Fuller  |  eRYT-200, Usui Reiki Master, LMT

Maggie Fuller is a Bristol native and an avid student of life. After years of searching for something- something for herself- Maggie finally committed to her yogic path at the beginning of 2015. Later that same year, she completed her 230 hour teacher training through InnerSea and Bristol Yoga; it completely transformed her from the inside out. In the Winter of 2017, Maggie earned her e-RYT 200 certification. 

Maggie's personal yoga journey opened her eyes to all yoga really had to offer: allowing her to keep discovering her true, authentic self, as well as building the foundation from which she has learned to love and accept herself. This deeper connection and newly found love is what brought about her desire to teach and share her practice. As she and her journey continue to blossom, Maggie has also realized yoga isn't just about what you do on your mat... It's more about taking the tools of yoga OFF the mat, into everyday life: learning to take your time, breathe, stay present, and cultivate a mindful awareness in all that you do. The literal definition of the word yoga is to yoke, to join, to connect. Yoga builds the connect to the body, breath, mind, and ultimately the connection we have to ourselves and others.  As a trauma trained yoga teacher, Maggie's ultimate hope is to create a compassionate, supportive space for others to know the comfort of self love, and to help others find themselves, their own unique path, and recognize their natural, radiant light. Her goal is to see students go from human beings doing yoga, to humans BEING yoga.  As stated in the Bhagavad Gita, "yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

Maggie firmly believes that yoga is for everyBODY, and provides variations, modifications, and gentle hands-on adjustments to assist students in their own individual practice.


Amy Long | RYT

 Amy's passion for yoga is decades in the making. Though Amy didn’t realize it at the time, her progression toward yoga had already begun in college with simple breathing and relaxation techniques to manage the stresses of academic life. Later, while living in Charlotte, she expanded her practice of Kripalu-based yoga and knew that yoga would always be a part of her life. It was through Amy’s explorations on the mat that she was inspired to expand her personal yoga journey to include her community. So in the spring of 2015, through the instruction and guidance of Lydie Ometto of InnerSea Yoga and Shelly Bullock of Bristol Yoga Center, she completed their 230-hour yoga teacher training program. In her classes, Amy will invite you to listen to your body, your mind, and your heart as you move and explore in a supportive environment. She is here to uplift and assist you in your journey towards your most authentic self through the practice of yoga.

Mallory Jessee | RYT

Mallory is a native of southwest Virginia who loves these mountains. Mallory first tried yoga while in graduate school to help with stress but came back to it with deeper attention a little later to combat a life long battle with anxiety. She completed the YTT 200 at Bristol Yoga in April 2017. Mallory has a master's degree in clinical social work and is a licensed therapist. She has received training in using yoga and mindfulness as tools for therapy and is fascinated in how the body/mind/soul connection that yoga nurtures can help heal depression, anxiety, grief, trauma,  self-criticism, and so much more. But more than that, she has found a passion in sharing the gift of what yoga can give any person willing to simply show up. And most importantly, it just feels so good! Mallory's classes will invite you to be fully present and mindful of the beautiful gift of your body and your life, and the amazing potential you have to be your best self in each moment.

~Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Ghandi~


Amesha Whitt | RYT



Growing up in Big Stone Gap and later moving to the Tricities area, Amesha calls Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee home. Her first yoga class was in August of 2014 and she knew immediately she would want to teach. She received her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification through Bristol Yoga and InnerSea Yoga in August of 2015 and has loved teaching ever since. Amesha believes that yoga is so much more than a physical exercise. It is a sharpening of the mind and a discovery of the spirit. It is a light shining on the Self and on All Things; a light she loves to shine on others through her classes. She fully believes that yoga can improve any ailments – physical, emotional, or spiritual- for any person. Other than yoga, Amesha enjoys art, literature, traveling, and her clowder of cats.

" Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." Rumi

Christina Gomez | RYT


I am a native to Memphis Tennessee and moved to the Bristol area for a job opportunity. I am a Spanish professor and married to an amazing Honduran man. We have four beautiful dogs. An Australian shepherded and three chihuahuas.  I started practicing yoga when I moved to Bristol and found Bristol Yoga. The first time I attended a class at the studio I felt so welcome.  I have always struggled with flexibility and I was intimidated by yoga at first but the instructors were awesome and always encouraged me to honor my body by modifying and never going into anything uncomfortable.I originally started yoga to improve my flexibility. I enjoy running and working out but I have never been flexible. Since I've been doing yoga consistently I have become more flexible and I feel more open and less tension in my body. 

As time has gone on, yoga has become so much more to me than just flexibility or a good workout. Yoga has taught me to live in the moment, not worry about the past nor future, and to leave behind things that no longer serve me. I am my own worst critic. Yoga has taught me to be kind to myself and love myself despite my imperfections. Yoga has also strengthened my faith. There are so many principles we discuss in yoga that correspond to my personal faith. My whole life I was told to not be anxious and not worry but yoga taught me how to put those actions into practice. 

I am grateful to Bristol Yoga. Practicing yoga has been one of the best decisions I have made. The instructors have guided me and helped me along the way. Furthermore, I have a community of friends at Bristol Yoga. I feel so warm and loved at the studio. In April of 2017 I completed my 200 hour RYT teacher training through Bristol Yoga and InnerSea Yoga. I have gone from being a student at the studio that introduced me to yoga to having the honor to be on the other side of the mat. I am grateful to be able to teach at my home studio and share my love of yoga with others!If you are hesitant to try yoga or haven't gone to yoga consistently. I encourage you to try it! It will change your life, teach you about yourself, and grow you in more areas than you can imagine! 

Emily Smith  |  RYT


Emily loves yoga, and is honored to be able to share her practice at Bristol Yoga, where she completed her teacher training in 2015.  She seeks to create an environment where her students can leave their worries at the door and focus on nurturing their minds, bodies and souls.  Practicing yoga has helped Emily balance her professional life, in which she works as an Assistant District Attorney.  She enjoys hiking, camping and exploring the local lakes and rivers on her SUP board.

Believe there is GOOD in the world; BE THE GOOD!


Edith Early  | RYT


After a career in the Foreign Service, Edith and her husband retired to Bristol, TN, her husband's home town.  Happening upon a schedule for Bristol Yoga, she decided to try a class, which soon turned into three classes a week.  As a counter to a former high-stress and hectic lifestyle, yoga provided a calm sense of physical and mental wellbeing.  An added benefit was losing weight and getting stronger!  Wanting to delve deeper, Edith completed the 200 hour RYT teacher training through Bristol Yoga and InnerSea Yoga.

Edith's favorite yoga to teach is Restorative Yoga.  She loves creating a calm atmosphere, allowing mind, body, and breath to unite as relaxation occurs.  Inhales melt into exhales.